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Scope of activities of the Department of Parasitology

  • Since its foundation, the Dept. of Parasitology has been studying the clinical and epidemiological aspects of those human parasitoses which are either endemic or can be imported into Hungary.
  • It performs extensive laboratory diagnostic activity in parasitology.
  • In its National Reference Laboratory, the Dept. of Parasitology performs confirming/verifying laboratory examinations in collaboration with the medical microbiological and parasitological laboratories of the country.
  • It performs laboratory diagnostic and confirming examinations of the imported parasitoses as regulated by a decree (e.g. malaria).
  • It participates in the organization and performance of national and international investigations on some diagnostic and epidemiologic topics of parasitology.
  • It cultures some strains of parasites by in vitro (Trichomonas, Entamoeba, Acanthamoeba, Naegleria, Blastocystis) and in vivo (Toxoplasma, Trichinella) passages, respectively.
  • It introduces and develops internationally accepted methods in parasitological investigations, with special respects to the serologic and molecular biologic methods for Toxoplasma, Giardia, Entamoeba, "free-living" amoebas, Trichomonas, malaria, Toxocara, Echinococcus, etc.
  • Based on current professional standpoint, it elaborates laboratory diagnostic protocols for several areas of parasitology.
  • It inspects the commercially available parasitological diagnostics in Hungary.
  • It performs consultations with the clinicians on the epidemiologic, diagnostic, and therapeutic problems of parasitological diseases.
  • It performs expert activity in its professional fields.
  • It performs systematic educational and training activity (lectures, and practices) for the university or PhD students, for postgraduate specialists, candidates on the diagnostic and epidemiologic problems of parasitology.
  • It regularly presents the notable results of its investigations at various scientific forums and publishes papers in internationally acknowledged journals and in Hungarian periodicals.
  • It develops and maintains numerous national and international scientific contacts.


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