REACT WP5: Surveillance of infectious disease outbreaks among healthcare workers in Europe


The Health Protection Agency (HPA) is coordinating the development of a framework model for a Europe-wide surveillance system to detect unusual clusters or outbreaks of infectious disease among healthcare workers (HCWs).

Lead: REACT Team at the Health Protection Agency

  • Fortune Ncube
  • Mike Catchpole
  • Adamma Aghaizu
  • Susan Cliffe

Partners: REACT (WP5) Collaborating Partners

  • Gail Thomson (UK)
  • Garyphalia Poulakou (Greece)
  • Emese Szilagyi (Hungary)
  • Gabriella Di Carli (Italy)
  • Tim Eckmans (Germany)

Qualitative Research Consultant:

  • Gilliam Elam

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