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National Centre for Epidemiology
International Traveler's health and Vaccination Centre


1097 Budapest, Albert Flórián u. 3/a (IX. District) Tel: 0036 -1- 476-1364
The entrance is 10 meters from the junction of Albert Flórián út and Vágóhíd utca.


Office hours Monday to Thursday: 08:00- 14:00
Vaccinations between 08:30 - 13:30


Patient walk-ins without and with appointments are welcome!
Please note, Friday clinic is only open to previous appointments, we don't allow walk-ins, please call for an appointment if you need to attend on a Friday.

On the website : Travel and Utazás és egészség
information and printable
questionnary (with vaccines prices) you need at clinic is available.

Hungary's oldest working travel and vaccination clinic with extensive history and expertise from 1951 (when the clinic first opened). Until 2008 the only yellow fever vaccination center in Hungary.

  • The Centre has in-house doctors, specialist of infectious disease, pediatrics and microbiology, with additional travel medicine qualifications (Certificate on Travel Medicine(ISTM) , and experts in complementary medicine and prevention is
  • We welcome corporate clients for larger groups, please contact us with your requirements.
  • We offer immunisations and related information with the latest up-to-date epidemiological information
  • We offer personalised vaccinations for your trip with appropriate malaria protection and prevention strategies.
  • Medical insurance card is not required, we operate a walk in center for private patients.
  • Hungarian cash acceptable only.
  • Full range of travel vaccines always in stock (as: Yellow Fever, HepA, HepB, HepA+B, Tetanus (+ Polio, Diphthera, Pertussis) Meningo ACWY (poliszacharid or conjugated), Cholera, Typhoid, Tick Born Encephalitis, Rabies, Polio)
  • Post tropical and after-travel check ups and immunisations.
  • Consultations available in English, German, Russian, Romanian and Hungarian.
  • Total Immunisation and advice for adults (Tick Born Encephalitis, H1N1, HPV, Pneumococcus, Chickenpox/Varicella, Measles-Mumps-Rubella etc.)
  • We are recognized by The International Society of Travel Medicine
  • Our center is easily reached by public transport: (Blue (3) Metro line to Nagyvárad tér

We operate a friendly, pleasant and calm center with refreshments (coffee & tea) available in the waiting room. "Highest standard, lowest price!"

More detailed information (our history and present, travellers health advices, immunisations, useful sites) (May 2011) 

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