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Blood sample taking and HIV/AIDS consultation


Address: 1097 Budapest (IX. District), Albert Flórián (former Gyáli) út 2-6.

In the entrance building of the National Centre for Epidemiology, with direct entrance from the street.


Consultation hours:

Monday: 16h00-18h00
Tuesday: 13h30-15h30
Wednesday: 16h00-18h00
Thursday: 13h30-15h30


On Monday and Wednesday afternoon we do not take samples, they should be taken to the central entry office (in the same building) during working hours (7h30-16h00).



For the HIV test you do not need any medical referral. Test result: within a week.

The anonymous HIV testing is free of charge!

The charge for the official certificate: HUF 3000

Extra charge for emergency HIV/AIDS test (result in 24 hours): HUF 3000

Certificate in English: + HUF 1000

The charges should be paid in cash on the spot.

Emergency testing will be provided only for HIV/AIDS tests.

Eating does not influence the test results.

HIV testing is performed with ELISA test, able to detect 4th generation combined HIV antigen and HIV antibody (apDia HIV Ag/Ab and SIEMENS Enzygnost HIV Integral 4). Using this test the infection can be detected with high probability after the 3rd week following the contamination.

For any further information, please contact us by email:


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