Dr. Erika Orosz, PhD, biologist, teacher of biology and chemistry

Erika Orosz graduated as a biologist, teacher of biology and chemistry in the National University in Uzghorod in 2002. She is a native speaker in Russian, and she is fluent in English. She passed the highgrade Russian and Hungarian language exams.

She has been working at the Department of Parasitology in the National Center for Epidemiology since 2003.

Main areas of her activities are the followings: 1) Molecular biological investigations and evaluation of the results in the Molecular Biological Laboratory; 2) Maintenance, culturing and PCR of free-living human pathogenic amoebae  (Naegleria sp, Acanthamoeba sp.); 3) Serological investigations and evaluation of the results.

She studied for her Ph.D. degree at the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of Szent István University in Gödöllő since 2002. In 2013, she earned the Doctorate degree - "Protozoa detection, identification and the role of human environment".

She has been studying at the Medical Faculty of the Semmelweis University, Budapest to become a specialist of clinical microbiology (postgraduate course). 

She is the first author of 17 publications, co-author of many other scientific papers, and has held 32 scientific lectures.

She is the member of the Hungarian Society of Parasitologists and the Hungarian Society for Microbiology.